About hashingit.com

hashingit.com was started to look at some of the statistics of the Bitcoin ecosystem, sometimes based on published data, sometimes based on statistical models built for the site. It was started in March 2014, a few weeks after I'd first been introduced to Bitcoin, and catalogues my attempts to better understand it. It has subsequently evolved to look at more general cryptoledger-related ideas.

I try to be intellectually honest in my thoughts here. If I discover or realize something new then I try to avoid holding to older ideas that I might have had. This does mean that sometimes my older, wiser, self disagrees with some of the earlier things I wrote here, but in general I don't go back and edit older posts other than to add/fix-up links at the end of the text. I do tend to reference back to older posts though and that's a usually a pretty good indication that I still find them useful. Occasionally I may discover that there's something wrong with an article in which case I publish a revised version and add a note to the original linking to the revised version.

When I first encountered computers in the 1970s and 1980s I relied on reading other people's software to understand what they could do. Since the 1990s I've benefited from, and contributed to, a lot of open source software, so it only seems reasonable to continue along that path. When I write these articles I often tend to build software to help me so my intent is to make it available to anyone interested. In most cases the tools I build are intended to just massage raw data, or to simulate some simiple characteristic; they're not intended as long-term projects. If you're interested, though, they can be found on: https://github.com/hashingitcom. If you think there's a mistake in any of the code then please feel free to submit a bug report.

Despite having worked with a huge number of different types of computer hardware and software, I am not, and never have claimed to be, a website designer, so please excuse the rough edges and lack of beautiful graphics; the site has all the elegance of a 1970s concrete tower block. With that said, though, I do hope you can see past that and find the content interesting and informative.

You can follow the blog and my thoughts on Twitter via @hashingitcom or via the Facebook page. Please contact me via either of those.


(Bangor, North Wales - sometimes San Jose, California)