Dave Hudson


Importing the old hashingit.com site contents

2020-02-18 18:30 - 1 min read

When I was blogging back in 2014/2015 I used Joomla to create the hashingit.com content. I really did fall out of love with Joomla though. It was slow to render things, and the site footprint was huge. Despite all that, when I decided to start this new site I didn’t want to lose that content, so decided to import all the old content.

While extracting the contents was fairly easy, converting it all to markdown and correcting errors was something I’m not in any great hurry to do again. I fixed a few typos as I did this but the content is pretty-much unchanged. I also used this as an excuse to improve the formatting of this site, although my visual design skills are pretty minimal. I’m a lot happier with the results though.

Hopefully I also managed to keep all of the original URLs live, but if you’re reading this and an old link to hashingit.com isn’t working then please get in touch!

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