Dave Hudson


Adding the "Journal" section to hashingit.com

2020-04-10 16:10 - 1 min read

When I created this site I was thinking that it would be a fairly traditional blog site, but had always intended to capture my work in progress too. I could have done that in the blog posts, but that risked diluting their value. The blog posts should really represent carefully curated work.

To this end I’ve now created the “Journal” area. This is a space to drop notes as I go.

Updates to the hashingit.com site

In order to add the Journal area I’ve tweaked the order of the top-level nav so it goes from most authoritative to least (Elements, Blog, Journal). Also realised that some of the CSS formatting for the site was quite obscure because it was using semi-global overrides for a number of different pages and that made things harder to reason about when editing the structure. While there’s a little more duplication, it’s easier to maintain.

The other thing I discovered was that on my newly-built Ubuntu 19.10 system, some of the pages would horizontally shift for no obviously good reason. Turns out this was due to vertical scroll bars being present on some pages and not others. This got fixed by adding:

+html {
+    margin-left: calc(100vw - 100%);
+    margin-right: 0;

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