Dave Hudson


Visual improvements all over the place

2020-04-17 16:43 - 1 min read

Improving the syntax highlighting

Lots of minor style tweaks today. One of the changes to this site earlier in the week had been to introduce light and dark mode code syntax highlighting. Now started to change the colour scheme so that both use similar colours, albeit adjusted for the backgrounds.

Updating icons

Also changed the “next” and “previous” icons. These are now much more along the style used on other sites.

Making light and dark modes easier to spot

Back when I created the light/dark mode option I’d put the sun and moon icons next to the social link icons. While cute, this also meant it wasn’t at all obviouus what they were. I’ve now moved them to the site menu bar. At the same time I took the opportunity to get rid of the slightly insane list structure being used for the site menu and render with div.

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